Bravo Trailers

Bravo Trailers = Car and Cargo Trailers Bravo Trailers manufactures high end enclosed trailers with steel tube main frames.  Bravo's commercial quality construction provides high performance features in their 3 lines of trailer; ICON, Star and Scout. The Bravo Trailers brand is founded by Mitchell Bender, who previously founded and built the largest cargo trailer manufacturer in the country.  His commitment to quality in this new Bravo Trailers company has brought these focus points.


  • Steel Tube Main Frames
  • Protected Wiring
  • Roof Flashing
  • Steel Backers
  • Sealed Floors
  • Complete Primer
  • Reinforced A-Frame
  • Better Wheel Box
  • Reinforced Ramp Door
  • Sealed Wall Seams

Bravo Cargo Trailers

Bravo trailers was founded by Mitchell Bender with the goal of building a great trailer that you can be proud to have. With 25-years in the industry veteran who previously founded and built the largest cargo trailer manufacturer in the country. The Bravo team, is in a unique position to take the industry to a higher level.

Bravo Trailers has started with a clean slate approach to trailer manufacturing. They have chosen the best people and given them the tools to get the job done right. They provide a lean manufacturing plant with all manufacturing under one roof. With Bravo's seasoned engineering team and a simpler product line, they'll achieve their quest for better quality, and a better trailer.

Their passion translates into the best products available. Trailers that work and won't let you down. Their commitment to deliver the best trailer at competitive prices is steadfast.

Top Ten Reasons for buying A Bravo Trailer:

  • All Bravo trailers have tube main frames that are proven stronger, straighter and tow better. The tube main frame, top rail and front end leads to a commercial quality trailers.
  • Bravo Trailers' in frame wiring offers much more protection from road debris and weather.Bravo's protected wiring is the best in the industry. They will never leave you stranded.
  • Leaking roofs are chronic problems in enclosed cargo trailers. A combination of roof flashing at critical joints, hi-tech roof sealant and better workmanship will help eliminate leaks.
  • All exterior side wall lighting and door hold backs are mounted in a steel backer.
  • Their ¾" plywood floors are sealed around the perimeter edges. Steel provides the backing and sealant keeps the water and dust out.
  • Bravos prep, primer and paint combined with all of their trailers being manufactured all under one roof leads to much better, longer lasting paint.
  • Bravo trailers reinforce their frames to make them stronger, safer and longer lasting trailers.
  • All 8.5' wide trailer sidewalls include 1" x 3" tubing across the top of the wheel box connected to 1" x 3" tubing running vertically from the side rail to the tube top rail at the front and rear of the wheel box.
  • All Bravo trailers have sealed side wall seams.  All screwed trailers have a bead of silicone applied between the side wall aluminum sheets. All screwless trailers are sealed by the 3M VHB tape or adhesive.
  • All Bravo trailers with rear ramp doors have a tube connecting the rear cross member where the hinge is welded on to the nearest cross member. This reinforcement adds strength at a critical tension point.

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Previously Sold Trailer Specs

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Bravo - Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer 2012 Bravo Enclosed T/A Motorcycle Trailer
STK# 002496
Type Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Color Black/Red
Mfg Bravo Model
Size 7x12 Year 2012
2012 Bravo - Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer A MUST SEE!! CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE TRAILER!
STK# 001557
Type Enclosed Cargo Trailer Color Red / Black
Mfg Bravo Model ST714TA2
Size 7x14 Year 2012
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