Concession Trailers

A Concession Trailers is a cargo trailer modified by adding one or multiple concession windows, with or without screens. Merchandising and vending trailers can include shelves and point-of-Sale (POS) displays. Even further modified, some concession trailers include food service equipment and generators to be self powered.

These concession trailers are a popular choice for selling merchandise at events. They are frequently seen at county fairs when they are being used as carnival game trailers. If you don't find a new or used concession trailer for sale below that suits you, then give us a call and let us custom build your very own mobile concession trailer.

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    Mobile Concession Trailers For Sale

Concession Trailer for Carnival Games
This concession trailer features 4 marquee doors along with corner pies and a removable hitch.
8.5x18 Anvil AT8518TA3 Concession Trailer
Stock Number: 003002 ORDER NOW!!!
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Concession Trailer with Bathroom
This concession trailer has been upgraded with a full bathroom package along with concession windows and a rear porch. It features a range hood and a gas drop for food preparation.
8.5X30 Anvil AT8.5X30TA3 Concession Trailer
Stock Number: 003322 ORDER NOW!!!
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Concession Trailer
8.5x18 Anvil AT85X18TA3 Concession Trailer
Stock Number: 010399 ORDER TODAY!!
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Concession Trailer with BBQ Platform
This concession trailer features a barbecue platform along with a 6 ft hood vent and air conditioning.
8.5x20 Anvil GAANVIL8.5X20TA3 Concession Trailer
Stock Number: 820770 Built to Order
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Cargo Trailer with Concession Trailer
This cargo trailer has been upgraded with a concession door and features and electrical package.
6x10 Anvil AT6X10SA Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 012202 Customized Concession Trailers Built to Order
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