Customized trailers for sale

We have some unique trailers from time to time that custom built for unique purposes. Be sure to check back often to see what customized trailers will be listed here next.

NEW: we also have a slideshow of custom trailers.

If you have plans for a custom trailer or need someone to custom build your ideal trailer for you, call our friendly trailer experts today at 1-877-258-1445.

Enclosed Cargo Trailer
Check out this used 12ft 2021 Cargo conversion. This trailer has a gas stove, ac unit and a built in tv which makes it perfect for on the go traveling.
6x12 Sure Trac Trailers Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 044962 In Stock
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Concession Trailer
8.5x18 Anvil AT85X18TA3 Concession Trailer
Stock Number: 010399 ORDER TODAY!!
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ATC Trailer - Enclosed Custom Dyno/Stage Trailer
This custom 8’6” x 26’ stage trailer built by the Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) can be used for a variety of different activities. The aluminum frame makes this trailer extremely light for its size and with the tandem 7,000 pound torsion axles it can accommodate a nearly 10,000 pound payload.
8.5 X 24 ATC BTA8524TA4 Enclosed T/A Dyno Trailer
Stock Number: 170532 Sold Call For Re-Ordering Details
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Cargo Trailer with Concession Trailer
This cargo trailer has been upgraded with a concession door and features and electrical package.
6x10 Anvil AT6X10SA Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 012202 Customized Concession Trailers Built to Order
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Custom Clear Trailer
Check out this custom clear trailer. This trailer features an aluminum frame, wood interior with clear side and barn doors. Give us a call, we can assist you in your next custom build.
7.5x12 ATC QSTAB7512+0-2T3.5K Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 221234 Sold
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Motorcycle Trailer with Finished Interior
Are you over looking at trailer after trailer and just not finding what you are looking for? We have your answer. This aluminum motorcycle by The Aluminum Trailer Company is perfect for your motorcycle hauling.
7.5x14 ATC QSTAB7514+0-2T3.5K Motorcycle Trailer
Stock Number: 221461 Sold Order Yours Today!
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ATC Quest CH405
This customer trailer is just so neat and clean. The 44ft Gooseneck enclosed car trailer by The Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC) has an extruded aluminum floor, ducted roof air conditioning and a fuel station for the generator. Call for a quote!
8.5x44 ATC QSTAG8544+0-3T6.0K Car Hauler Trailer
Stock Number: 221511 Sold
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Landscape Pro Trailer
Landscapers.. calling all landscapers. Do you want a trailer that is built strong and has all the bells and whistles? Check out this landscape pro by Sure Trac Trailers. We have a torsion ramp door, trimmer racks, shelves and so much more!
8.5x20 Sure Trac STRLP10220TA-140 Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 323815 Sold
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Landscape Pro Trailer
Check out this landscape pro trailer by Sure Trac Trailers. This trailer has all the landscaping goodies from weedeater racks, on board fuel, spool holders and a shelf. Give us a call for more info.
8.5x20 Sure Trac STRLP10220TA-140 Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 323816 Sold
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Custom Car Trailer
This trailer was custom built for a customer. This trailer has 18in of additional height, triple tube tonge and aluminum wheels. Need something specific, give us a call.
8.5x20 Discovery Trailers DCH8.520TA3 Car Hauler Trailer
Stock Number: 011586 Sold
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Custom Concession Trailer
Do you need a concession trailer? We can have them built for you. Call one of our trailer specialists today for a quote.
8.5x22 Discovery Trailers DCH8.522TA35 Car Hauler Trailer
Stock Number: 011503 Sold
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Custom Trailer
Have you been looking for a custom trailer? Give one of our Trailer Specialists a call! This trailer is loaded with upgrades... too many to list!
8.5x16 Discovery Trailers DCH8.516TA35 Cargo Trailer
Stock Number: 014243 Sold
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Stage Trailer for Sale with 16 ft Side Stage
stage trailer with all aluminum frame, includes black coin TPO flooring on ramp door and stage, viewing rail for roof and stage, a walk on roof, aluminum wheels, screwless exterior, stereo system
8.5 x 24 ATC QSTAB8524+0-2T5.2K Stage Trailer
Stock Number: 199738 Order Yours Today!
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Custom Built Trailers

Here is a slideshow of other cusom trailers. If you see a customization you like or have an idea for a custom built trailer, please contact our friendly trailer experts at 1-877-258-1445.