Equipment Trailers

7K to 20K heavy duty equipment trailers, bumper pull, gooseneck or kingpin, with ramp and many other choices. These are built with single, tandem or triple axles, electric or air brakes, flat bed or tilt bed trailers. There are many types of equipment trailers available such as pintle heavy equipment transporters. Handy to have for your equipment hauling needs.

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Equipment Trailers For Sale

Equipment Trailer with Tilt Bed
This equipment trailer features a tilt bed along with LED lighting.
6.5x12 Sure Trac ST7812SATE-B-070 Equipment Trailer
Stock Number: 201986 In Stock
Only $3,356
Equipment Trailer with Beavertail
This equipment trailers features a spare tire mount along with LED lighting.
8.5x18 Sure Trac ST102153TDO2A-B-100 Equipment Trailer
Stock Number: 223927 In Stock
Only $4,470
Utility Trailer with LED Lighting
This utility trailer features a pressure treated deck along with a spare tire mount.
7x20 Sure Trac ST8220TAT-B-100 Utility Trailer
Stock Number: 233789 In Stock
Only $4,395
Aluminum Trailer with 14" Rail
This aluminum trailer has been upgraded with black inlay aluminum wheels and features a 14 inch top rail.
7x18 H&H H8218TRSA-070 Aluminum Trailer
Stock Number: 509821 In Stock
Only $5,110
Equipment Trailer with Full Width Ramps
This equipment trailer features a treated wood deck along with universal full width ramps.
7x15+3 Sure Trac ST81153ITUR-B-140 Equipment Trailer
Stock Number: 229047 In Stock
Only $5,200