Robin Hanger is the innovator of this clear trailer.

Robin travels to many shows and always encounters adverse situations. If you travel to shows, of any kind, you will understand how this clear trailer is a solution for “Mobile marketing for all types of businesses and products.”

Not every one can load or unload their cars or motorcycles by them selves. Owning a clear trailer allows you to secure your product before the show in a showroom ready appearance, waxed, polished and untouched. The clear trailer allows you to leave your product on display at an outside event with misty or rainy weather.

Showcase your prize possession in this trailer and watch heads turn as you go down the highway! This Clear trailer will be advertising for you to and from your show.

The clear trailer can secure a car or motorcycle if you have to leave that show spot, the public can still view it, but can not touch it. The clear trailer takes the place of an employee, showing the product in a professional manner.

Call Robin toll free (877) 258-1445 to start designing your own customized clear trailer. Owning your own mobile showroom trailer is easier than you think. Long or short term financing available. Applications may be taken over the phone. Trailers may be placed in a business name.