Motiv Steel Trailers

Motive Steel TrailersMotiv Trailers has designed a steel trailer that is stronger, gives more support, has less flex, provides more space, weighs less and will last longer than a traditionally built trailer. Motiv uses the best technology and take the time and effort to manufacture a superior trailer built strong and built to last.

Motiv trailers are unique from the ground up because each trailer is built with all tube walls and ceiling, (with the exception of Motiv’s value priced cargo trailer). Spending a little extra money up front can be well worth it.

The all tube walls give a Motiv trailer extra strength and less flex and Motiv trailers last longer and have better structural integrity. A Motiv trailer is the answer for the discriminating customer. The finish of the trailer looks clean with less waviness on the exterior skin. Another advantage to tube design is that interior plywood is not used on the inside walls of the trailer for structural stability. By using tube instead of hat post walls, Motiv trailers are significantly lighter than other brands.

Expanded 6.5 and 7.5 foot wide Motiv trailers are available on cargo and motorcycle lines that provide extra room for a motorcycle, an ATV, a car or any other cargo. As always, Motiv trailers still tow easily and maintain high visibility, but the new cargo widths optimize the space inside the trailer while keeping the advantages of standard smaller trailers.

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