Terms of sale

Payment Methods in US Dollars:
We accept U.S. Bank drafted personal checks, company checks, cash, COD, certified check, wire transfer and 3rd-party financing. All funds must be in US dollars only. If the payment is not in US funds, the cost to convert to US dollars will be added to your invoice. We do not accept checks from Canada or other foreign countries.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. All trailers are quoted with a cash sale discount, payment made with credit cards are subject to an additional 3% administrative fee on the total amount of the invoice. 

Deposits are accepted on all trailers in our inventory. A deposit on a trailer means it is your trailer, we will hold it on our lot until your date of delivery.

Trailer inventory rotates daily. If a deposit is made on a sold or unavailable unit, deposit may be applied to a comparable in stock unit or refunded.

Custom ordered trailers require a minimum of a 25% deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit your trailer will be ordered.

Deposits made by credit card require a customer authorization form. This form must be scanned or faxed back to us showing your approval to place the charges on your credit card.

Deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise stated.

PayPal buttons are available on each trailer for making $250 deposits.The PayPal button is a deposit only, the trailer must be paid for before delivery, tax, title and fees additional. Deposit may be applied to comparable trailers that are in stock if desired.

If your custom ordered trailer arrives prior to an acceptable delivery date, we will gladly store your trailer, for a reasonable amount of time.

Storage on any trailer, Motor home, Totor home, Living Quarters may cost up to $55.00 per month, unless otherwise agreed.

Payment of Balance Due:
Payment in full is required on or before the trailer is delivered to the client as follows:

Pre Sold Trailers taking delivery at any of our trailer manufacturer’s plant must be paid in full to our office prior to taking delivery at the plant. A temporary license plate will be issued and available at the time of pick up. All MSO’s must be mailed to our office and processed then forwarded to you. If you need the MSO at time of pick up a 2 week lead is required on payment in full to facilitate this.

Trailers being picked up at our location require full payment prior to leaving our lot.

Trailers being delivered by a transporter must be paid in full prior to leaving our location unless otherwise pre agreed between the sales person and the client. A minimum of 75% must be pre-paid prior to the unit leaving any of our locations.

Additional Fees:
All trailer purchases are subject to an administrative fee. This charge represents costs and profit to the selling dealer for items such as inspecting, cleaning and adjusting new and used vehicles and preparing documents related to the sale. Trailers sold in FL are subject to a $1.00 per tire solid waste fee. This is non profit to the dealer and the monies are paid direct to the FL department of Revenue.

Florida State Sales Tax:
Florida states tax is 6%. The additional Sur tax amount added will reflect the county you reside in. Any item under $5000.00 is subject to Florida state sales tax of 6% plus your county sur tax. Any item $5001.00 is subject to 6% state sales tax plus your county sur tax.

Out of State Sales Tax:
Section 212.08(10), F.S. of the Florida Department of Revenue tax information publication states: The tax imposed is the amount of sales tax that would be imposed by the purchaser’s home state if the vehicle were purchased in that state; however; it is not to exceed the Florida state 6% sales tax rate.

The nonresident purchaser is required to complete, at the time of sale, Form DR-123; Affidavit for Partial Exemption of Motor Vehicle Sold for Licensing in Another State, declaring his/her intent to license in his/her home state within 45 days of the sate of sale.

The partial exemption for a motor vehicle/trailer sold in Florida to a nonresident purchaser does not apply to a nonresident cooperation partnership when:

  • 1 An officer of the corporation is a Florida resident;
  • 2 A stockholder who owns a least 10% of the corporation is a Florida resident; or
  • 3 A partner who has at least a 10% ownership in the partnership is a Florida resident.

However, the partial exemption may be allowed to corporations or partnerships if the vehicle is removed from Florida within 45 days after purchase and remains outside this state for a minimum of 180 days, regardless of the residency of the owners or stockholders of the purchasing entity.

Currently, the states of Arkansas and Mississippi impose a sales tax on motor vehicles and trailers, but they DO NOT allow a credit for taxes paid to Florida. Residents of these states should be made aware that they are required to pay sales tax to Florida at the rate imposed by their home state when they purchase a vehicle in Florida and WILL ALSO be required to pay tax to their home state when the vehicle or trailer is licensed in their home state.

Delivery’s outside the State of Florida:
Sales tax will NOT be imposed on trailer deliveries that take place outside of the state of Florida. Sales tax will be paid by the owner when they register the trailer in their home state.

Dealer to Dealer Sales – No sales tax:
Upon taking delivery of a trailer an affidavit will be signed and notarized stating the trailer is being taken out of FL for the sole purpose of re-sale. A copy of the dealers Sales and Use Resale Certificate and Dealers License must be presented at the time of sale. They will be retained in the file.

Dealers please provide a dealer plate to bolt on the trailer to return home with. MSO’s will be released to the dealer once the funds have cleared our bank.

Government, City, State Agencies:
The agency must provide their state exemption certificate and provide how they would like the MSO prepared. Most agencies provide their own license plates. No tax will be imposed once these documents are provided.

Temporary License Plate and Registration or Tag Transfers Florida Sold:
Upon delivery of your trailer we will issue you a temporary license plate and temporary registration. These documents will be good for 30 days.

If you are a FL resident process your registration, title and record the lein holder, if applicable. In most cases we will have your hard plate back to our dealership with in 5 business days.

Transfers may only occur if the registration provided is a TRAILER or BOAT registration under 5 years old. If your plate is over 5 years old a new plate will be issued. 2010 July: The new law requires tag transfer info to be placed in the motor vehicle website and you may leave the dealership with the plate attached to the unit.

We can arrange shipping nationwide! Shipping may be from our dealership to you or from any plant where your trailer is built. Fees vary based on your location.